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Sueann Jones lives in Harrison, Arkansas.

Sueann Jones, owner, recording engineer, photographer, graphic designer, videographer, and video editor is an accomplished musician, singer, and songwriter.  She studied music/business at University of Central Arkansas.  She has performed in many music venues, including radio, and television. She has a strong desire to see Arkansas talent recognized.  The most important things in her life, aside from her business, are God and her family.

Sueann believes that no dream is unimportant!  Art starts with an imagination, and when you put that together with the right people, the right equipment, and technology, that dream becomes a reality.



6 Responses to About Us

  1. Andrea Collins says:

    Great pictures!!! I’m Lori Canady’s mother in law. Just wanting to ask what are your prices on the pictures?

    • Sue Jones says:

      Hi, So sorry I just saw this. 4×5 are $10, 4×6 are $12, 5×7 are $15, 8×10 are $30, 11×14 are $45. If you need prices for bigger sizes, please let me know. We have bigger sizes, canvas, etc. Also, if you buy one size and pose and get a second one with same pose and same size, the second one is half off. So glad you guys liked the pictures! It was very nice to meet you! Candra

  2. Ashlie says:

    What are your prices for senior pictures?

    • Sue Jones says:

      Hello, our sitting fee is $40.00. This gets you a 1.5-2 hour session. We do indoor, outdoor, or both. If you don’t have a certain location in mind for your outdoor shots, we provide that for you also. The $40 is due at the time of session. Once you get ready to place your order, there is no minimum order. In other words, you can buy as many prints or as little as you need or want. We also have a special project right now with Rue21. They provide 8 items for you to use for free for your shoot (items are returned after shoot) and there is a voting contest each month and the pic with the most votes, gets there picture displayed on Rue21’s wall. The winners each month will be eligible for our final voting in December where one senior will win a $200 shopping spree from Rue and a $500 picture package! If you don’t want to do the contest, that is fine also and the fees are the exact same. I hope I have answered all of your questions! Please let me know if you would like to set up an appointment and if so, which day of the week works best for you. Thank you, Candra

  3. Ashlie says:

    As far as packages go for them, what are they priced at? I’m sorry if you answered this already and I just didn’t catch it.

    • Sue Jones says:

      Instead of packages, (where you are forced to use the same pose for may pictures) we just let you buy what you need/want so you can get several different poses without buying several packages. Our prices are below and if you do buy the same pose, same size, the second print is half off! Ex: 1st 8×10 is $30.00 and same pose second 8×10 is $15.00.
      4×5 $10.00
      4×6 $12.00
      5×7 $15.00
      8×10 $30.00
      11×14 $45.00
      16×20 $75.00
      20×24 $95.00
      24×30 $125.00
      Wallets come in sets of 8
      -8 wallets same pose $10.00
      -2nd set of 8 same pose $8.00
      -Every set of 8 after that, same pose is $6.00
      -When you choose a new pose for wallets, pricing starts all over again.
      *We offer CD’s for $75.00 after you spend $120.00 on prints.

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