About Us

Sue – One of two things for this page:

1) You need to fill this page about the business. How it was established, general service you offer, location, experience of employees, Write a general paragraph for each of the “Services” pages (Recording studio and Photography Studio) so we can include internal links to the “Service Pages” where we need to explain detailed equipment capabilities and services lists.

2) You could do the same as “1)”  for the “Services” page then for this page be very general and include photo’s of the recording studio and the photography studio with an overview of the business.

Right now (8 October) you are showing up on the second page of a Google search. I’m sure that once you write up these pages that we can get a higher ranking. So far I am only using general on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After we get more information on the site I’ll start to index the pages with search directories and begin to establish back-links.

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