Welcome to The Studio – Harrison

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The Studio

We are in the process of remodeling our new physical building to provide a Recording Studio and Photography Studio.

We thought The Studio was the perfect name for the business. The problem is that so did a bunch of other folks. So we modified the name to The Studio – Harrison.

Professional Recording Studio

Providing services for all of your professional, state-of-the-art recording studio needs.

Professional Photography

Sueann Jones provides a One Stop Photography Studio.

She offer’s not only wedding, senior, family photography, but also Artistic Art for your business or home.

Whether you are planning that small intimate wedding or a large wedding or event, let Artistry Photography by sueann be there to capture those memories for you.  Our professionalism will eliminate your worries and stress over having the right photographer.

As one of my Grooms stated to me after looking at their beautiful wedding book,  “It’s like being there all over again. No it’s better than being there! This time, I’m not nervous.”

No matter how large or small your event, it’s my job to not miss a moment!  Each of them are special.

There is only one 1st birthday, only one senior year, shouldn’t it be as special as you are?

At my studio, I can bring the outside in, combining my green screen with my own Nature Photography.  You or your child can be sitting next to a beautiful waterfall, creek, or over-looking a mountain without ever leaving the studio. Please visit my green screen page for samples of my work.

We also do amazing work with photo restoration. If you have those family heirlooms that are stuck to the frames or faded with time, don’t throw them away or tuck them in a drawer, let me take a look at them, there is a very good chance that your picture can be restored to better quality than what is was in the beginning.

I have thousands of Artistic Art for your homes or business. Let me know what you are interested in and I will custom design a plan that will work perfect for you.

I take great pride and joy in doing the work that I do, and your satisfaction means everything to me.

Sueann Jones